The letter that changed my life

Today in class I talked to my students about dreams, the need to have ambitious goals, even such that they themselves do not believe they could achieve, and about setting out to realize them. The unfortunate reality is that 74% of my students do not believe they can go to any program they want. I’m not sure why, or who told them they can’t. Maybe it was their parents, or other family members, or teachers and counselors in high school, or friends, or the media that constantly shows only people of certain backgrounds in those fancy jobs or universities, or maybe the fact that the vision they have of a place like Princeton is not from real life, but from a movie like Transformers 2 (I saw it being filmed there, by the way). But I’m real enough, I told them; I went to Princeton, for 5 years, for free. And I’m not better than any of them.

Then, I shared this letter. It’s my acceptance letter to Princeton from 2004. It is a letter that changed my life. “Anyone sitting in this room,” I told them, “deserves to get a letter like that one day. It may not be from an Ivy League school, but it will open up an opportunity you never thought you could have.”

admission letter princeton 2004

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