Research (again) Values Humanities and Social Science Degrees

Many students come to college not knowing what they want to study, or not sure that their true passion could be translated into a practical career (who hires historians or linguists or anthropologists, right?). So they either consult one of many stupid articles that claim to tell them what are the best (or worst) college majors and which always recommend professional degrees over liberal arts ones. Or, they take advice from their parents and other family members. That advice, however, is often grounded in parents’ unfounded perceptions about good vs. bad major choices. Thus many students end up in business school because they want to start a business and make money…

As a professional historian, I choose to be guided by research-based evidence rather than vague notions of success and failure. And evidence, time and again, suggests that liberal arts/social sciences/humanities majors are the ones to eventually launch successful careers in the most promising industries. I’ve written about this before on this page (see the articles section). And now, for all the freshmen who will soon have to choose a major, here is another piece of evidence. This time, it is provided by the British Council, a very serious organization that has looked at data from over 30 countries. If you still want to study business or fashion design or tourism or any other professional degree after reading this, we should talk.



Read the full report here.

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