Question #3

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Q: I like the courses I’m taking so far except one. I just feel that class isn’t for me. Since I missed the opportunity to drop the class I’m thinking I’ll probably just withdraw. Any reason why I shouldn’t?

A: There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t. To name a few: 1. You haven’t spent enough time in that class yet to give up. In most schools the window for withdrawing from a class is quite generous, so give it some time. 2. Talk to your professor first. Even if your school allows you to withdraw without doing so, your professor may be able to help you succeed if he/she understands your situation. Remember that unless this is an extra course for you, withdrawing now means a heavier course load in the future. 3. Think like a potential future employer: no one wants to hire quitters, and a W on your transcript indicates you might be one. Several W grades definitely look bad, so save this option for a time where you are definitely failing or your professor is particularly abusive. Overall, a C or a D is probably better than a W.

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