Five Hundred Words in the Ball State Daily News (see below for link to the online edition):


About studying history/liberal arts:

Data on earnings of humanities majors with advanced degrees

Data on earnings of humanities majors without advanced degrees

The Case for History and the Humanities from Perspectives on History, published by the American Historical Association

Studying history can lead to promising careers in Business from Perspectives on History.

Humanities degrees provide great return on investment from Forbes magazine

Report showing liberal-arts college graduate will succeed no less than grads of professional programs by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

How Liberal-Arts Majors Fare Over the Long Haul from the Chronicle of Higher Education

Careers for history majors from the American Historical Association

Want innovative thinking? Hire from the humanities

11 reasons to major in the humanities

Need Innovation? Hire Humanities Grads

Why study the arts and the humanities?

About networking with/talking to your professors:

Why Poor Students Struggle from the New York Times

A caring professor may be key in how a graduate thrives from the Chronicle of Higher Education

More on caring professors, and some who don’t

On networking with professors

Why you need to talk to your professors

More reasons to network with professors

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